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Delivering a Better User Experience with AI-Driven WAN eGuide - Free Download

Many organizations have transitioned to SD-WAN, wanting to benefit from the availability, quality, and capacity it provides for distributed locations. But while SD-WAN solves many of the issues associated with traditional enterprise WAN routing, most vendors’ SD-WAN solutions are built on a static and outdated model.


An effective AI-driven network takes the data relating to WAN attributes (such as jitter, packet loss and latency) and combines it with application data (such as connection retries, bandwidth consumption and other WAN metrics). Adding WAN insight and troubleshooting enables you to make three game-changing shifts.

Elevate Network Performance
and User Experience:

  • From service level agreements to AI-driven SLE
  • From monitoring your network to optimizing user experiences
  • From static intent-based WAN policies to dynamic AI-driven actions

Featured Product

The Juniper Mist WAN Assurance cloud service simplifies network deployment and operations, improves visibility into end-user experiences, and shortens the mean time to repair SD-WAN issues. Juniper provides industry-leading network automation and insight for optimum user, device, and application experiences in branch and remote locations.

  • Visibility into WAN user experiences with application-based context
  • End-to-end user impact analyses based on WLAN, LAN, and WAN telemetry data
  • Automated identification and correction of gateway misconfigurations and faulty interfaces