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Juniper Apstra Automated Data Center Deployment Service
Designing, Deploying, Operating, and Troubleshooting

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Automated Data Center Migration Service
Juniper Apstra Automated Data Center Deployment Service
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Juniper Apstra is a software-only, intent-based networking solution for EVPN-VXLAN/IP fabric data centers that fully automates the process of designing, building, deploying, and operating data center networks. Using closed-loop automation and assurance along with root-cause identification, Juniper Apstra provides complete fabric management in both single- and multivendor environments, and it offers capabilities such as self-serve DevOps extensions, open and programmable infrastructure, rich telemetry, and scalable EVPN-VXLAN.

Apstra Automated Data Center Deployment Service is specifically designed to support enterprises, cloud providers, and service providers that are deploying EVPN-VXLAN/IP fabric automated data center networks using Juniper Apstra. This fully customizable service can be used for new initial deployments as well as for migration of existing production data centers to an EVPN-VXLAN/IP fabric. Migration scenarios can include:

  • From an existing Juniper EVPN-VXLAN/IP fabric data center network to one that is managed with Juniper Apstra
  • From an existing legacy Juniper non-IP fabric data center to an EVPN-VXLAN/ IP fabric data center managed with Juniper Apstra
  • From an existing non-Juniper (other vendor) fabric production data center to a Juniper EVPN-VXLAN/IP fabric data center managed with Juniper Apstra

This service gives your organization access to data center deployment experts with extensive knowledge of Juniper products and technologies. The service employs proven best-practice implementation methodology and tools that provide a high degree of assurance, faster completion speed, and reduced deployment risks. Both new initial deployments and migrations that implement Juniper Apstra are performed by incrementally moving all elements

With this strategy, deployment and migration phases can be organized in a flexible manner, allowing them to be aligned with priorities such as minimal downtime, lowest cost, or fastest completion. These phases can also be organized based on a variety of logical and physical parameters such as per application or per rack. As part of this service, the Juniper Professional Services consultant will advise you on the optimal phasing and grouping of the deployment and migration activities.

Service Description

Designing, deploying, operating, and troubleshooting a data center network can be difficult, expensive, and resource intensive. Juniper® Apstra, a turnkey, software-only solution, uses automation to dramatically simplify the process in both single- and multivendor environments. Juniper® Apstra Automated Data Center Deployment Service is designed to support new deployments and migrations from existing production data centers to Ethernet VPN-Virtual Extensible LAN (EVPN-VXLAN)/IP fabric data centers using Juniper Apstra. The service provides access to Juniper technology experts, best practices, and tools.


Service Methodology

Juniper Apstra Automated Data Center Deployment Service methodology follows a four-phase approach (Design, Build, Deploy, and Operate) and is tightly integrated with the Juniper Project Management Methodology, which addresses both the project management and risk mitigation aspects of your project.

While the methodology identifies the standard phases and types of activities within each phase, the specific activities to be included in an engagement are defined on a customer-by-customer basis. Similarly, the specific deployment tools and resource requirements are identified for each customer situation.


Deliverable Description Features and Benefits
Solution Workshop Collaborative workshop for intake of customer data, review of the design to be used, and documentation and approval of the validated design Align on design details, project scope, and expectations Adapt best-practice design to customer environment Leverage the skills and experience Juniper consultants have acquired working with hundreds of successful enterprise IT migrations
Low-Level Design (LLD) Low-level designs, including Juniper Apstra blueprint (design, diagrams, cable matrix, initial builds), pre-post validation testing, and network Implementation plan details Use Juniper Apstra blueprinting and pre-staging capabilities to create a pristine design prior to the implementation
Use automated tools to accelerate and optimize cutover times and mitigate migration-related risks
Network Implementation Plan (NIP)/ Network Implementation and Migration Plan (NIMP) Site readiness and prerequisites review, identifying any missing data or actions required by the customer before Network Implementation Plan Execution can begin Leverage Juniper consultants’ best practices to organize the network migration phases
Network Implementation Plan Execution (NIPE)/Network Implementation and Migration Plan Execution (NIMPE) Installation of the EVPN/VXLAN IP fabric solution in the customer’s environment, validating the accuracy and quality of the installation, and ensuring it is free of errors and functioning as expected Use process-driven approach to ensure efficiency and accuracy; ensure that the platform is correctly installed and functioning properly
Knowledge Transfer Workshop (KTW) Documentation from prior phases and a workshop that reviews all Juniper hardware and software implemented, and Day-2 basic operations of the Juniper Apstra platform Accelerate infrastructure availability and employee readiness for improved operational efficiencies

Juniper Products
Automated Data Center Migration Service
Juniper Apstra Automated Data Center Deployment Service
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