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Solving Data Center Pain Points With Intent-Based Networking - Free Download

Digital transformation is a key objective for most organizations today, and data center technologies have evolved to support this objective. Unfortunately, network operations lag far behind on the transformation curve, often inhibiting rather than promoting change.


Intent-based networking (IBN) revolutionizes how data center networks are designed and operated. By aligning business intent with automation and validation that encompasses the full life cycle of data center operations, IBN eliminates the staggering complexity of operating a network.

IBN can help solve hurdles such as:

  • Resource constraints
  • Lack of agility
  • Poor reliability
  • Slow deployment and troubleshooting
  • Lack of infrastructure choice

Featured Product

Intent-based networking software automates the entire network lifecycle, from design through everyday operations. Apstra supports multivendor environments and provides continuous validation, a single source of truth, powerful analytics, and root cause identification to assure reliability.

  • Intent-based network design and operations
  • Support for multivendor environments
  • Automated zero-touch deployment