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Juniper SD-WAN
Designed for the modern cloud.

Juniper SD-WAN

Boost user experiences, automate operations, and lower costs.

Many organizations, large and small, have transitioned from traditional WAN routing to SD-WAN to reap the availability, quality, and capacity for distributed locations. Through policy abstraction, centralized management, and intelligent traffic handling, SD-WAN delivers several key benefits.

  • Increased visibility into network and application behavior for users and IoT devices.
  • Increased application performance at a lower cost through improved link selection.
  • Lowered OpEx by reducing manual configuration and on-site resources.
  • More efficient network design to take advantage of SaaS-based applications.

However, the surge in the number of remote workers and the shift of most applications from centralized data centers to cloud-hosted SaaS requires a new paradigm for operating enterprise WAN that augments the merits of SD-WAN. Enter the AI-driven WAN.

AI-Driven WAN

The Juniper AI-Driven WAN combines our SD-WAN solution with insights and automation driven by Mist AI. It delivers the simplicity, reliability, and agility your IT teams need in the modern era of distributed networking.

Focus on user experiences, from client to cloud.

Deliver exceptional user experiences

Competitive SD-WAN solutions focus only on network and application conditions to address issues with network availability, quality, and capacity. They lack insight into the actual user experience. Afterall, an “up” WAN link doesn’t always imply a “good” user experience. We shift the focus on the user experience, through AI-driven insight, automation, and self-driving actions across the WLAN, LAN, and WAN. The AI-driven WAN enables you to measure and drive end-to-end user experiences with the following unique features.

  • Customizable service-level expectations (SLEs) with proactive anomaly detection.
  • Event correlation across the LAN and WAN for rapid fault isolation and resolution
  • An AI-driven virtual network assistant, Marvis, for deep insight into client and network behavior, recommended troubleshooting actions, and Self-Driving Network™ operations
  • AI-driven support with proactive notifications and remediation.

Juniper Connected Security

Enables you to see, automate, and protect at every connection point across your LAN and WAN. You get a threat-aware network that dynamically enforces security policies across every point of connection, leaving you with a much smaller attack surface. Advanced threat prevention services use machine learning to proactively identify new attacks, expanding on our native next-gen firewall, threat intelligence, and content security capabilities. Our networking and security products integrate with our partners to provide solutions that are superior over individual point products in helping you stay ahead of bad actors.

Our AI-driven WAN components include:
  • Juniper Mist WAN Assurance
  • Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) powered by Mist AI.
  • Contrail Service Orchestration
  • SRX Series Services Gateways
  • vSRX Virtual Gateway
  • NFX Series Network Services Platforms
  • Juniper Secure Connect

Featured Products

Juniper Networks EX Series Switches

Juniper Mist WAN Assurance

A cloud service that brings AI-powered automation and service levels to SRX Series Services Gateways and complements secure Juniper SD-WAN; transforms IT operations from reactive troubleshooting to proactive remediation, for operational simplicity.

Juniper Networks AP43

Contrail Service Orchestration

A comprehensive management and orchestration platform that delivers virtualized, managed SDWAN, VPN, and security network services. Contrail Service Orchestration allows service providers as well as small, midsize, and large enterprises to selectively or simultaneously centralize and distribute virtual network services in a hybrid deployment model.

Juniper Networks EX Series Switches

SRX Series Services Gateways

High-performance security, routing and network solutions for enterprise and service providers. SRX gateways pack high port-density, advanced security, and flexible connectivity, into a single, easily managed platform that supports fast, secure, and highly-available, data center and branch operations.

Juniper Networks EX Series Switches

NFX Network Services Platform

The NFX Series Network Services Platform leverages IP and virtualization technologies as the cornerstones of automated, on-demand branch creation and rapid service delivery solutions. The NFX Series delivers high performance and scalability for routing, switching, and security applications.

Juniper Networks EX Series Switches

EX Switches

Mist is leading the convergence of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE and IoT with our enterprise-grade Access Points. The Mist Access Points work in conjunction with the Mist Cloud and AI Engine to collect and analyze metadata in near real-time from all wireless clients

Juniper Networks EX Series Switches

Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Products

Finds and blocks both known and unknown cyberthreats. Using machine learning and dynamic advanced malware analysis, ATP provides zero-day malware detection and uncovers botnet and command and control (C&C) threats hiding in encrypted traffic.

Marvis Virtual Network Assistant

The first AI-driven Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) service that transforms how your IT teams interact and engage with enterprise networks to streamline operations and boost user experiences. The days of memorizing CLI commands and stitching dashboards together are over.

Juniper Networks AP43

AP Access Point

Mist is leading the convergence of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE and IoT with our enterprise-grade Access Points. The Mist Access Points work in conjunction with the Mist Cloud and AI Engine to collect and analyze metadata in near real-time from all wireless clients

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