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Juniper Mist User Engagement
Enabling the AI-Driven Enterprise

Juniper Mist User Engagement

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Juniper Mist User Engagement
Juniper Mist User Engagement
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Juniper has brought true innovation to the networking space with the world’s first AIdriven wired and wireless network.

The Juniper Mist AI Platform makes networking predictable, reliable and measurable with unprecedented visibility into the user experience. Time-consuming manual IT tasks are replaced with AI-driven proactive automation and self-healing capabilities, lowering networking operational costs and saving substantial time and money.

Juniper also brings enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE and IoT together so businesses can increase the value of their wireless networks through personalized location services, such as wayfinding, proximity notifications, and asset location. With the patented virtual BLE (vBLE) technology, no battery beacons or manual calibration are required. Juniper also extends AI operational efficiency and insights to the wired side of the business.

All operations are managed via the Juniper Mist open and programmable microservices cloud architecture. This delivers maximum scalability and performance while also bringing DevOps agility to wired, wireless, and WAN networking and location services.

Key Features

  • Implement new wireless services, such as indoor navigation and proximity messages
  • Drive customer behavior with contextual offers
  • Trigger HVAC, security cameras, and other IoT devices based on user location
  • Easily direct employees to available resources such as meeting rooms
  • Share location information with colleagues, family, and friends

Product Overview

Juniper is using Mist AI to revolutionize enterprise networking. By delivering unprecedented automation and insights, the Juniper Mist AI Platform saves time and money, maximizes IT productivity, and delivers the best networking experience to any digital user.


Real-Time Wayfinding

With accuracy up to 1 meter, real-time wayfinding helps your employees, guests, and customers get to where they need to be, with turn-by-turn directions and subsecond latency.

Help employees, guests, and customers get to where they need to be with turn-by-turn directions. Enable wayfinding with accuracy of up to 1 meter (3.3 feet) with sub-second latency.

Real-Time Proximity Notifications and Alerts

Proximity notifications and alerts let you greet your patients, clients, or customers as they arrive on site.

You can create push notifications anywhere with unlimited virtual beacons, and deliver contextually relevant messages anywhere for a personalized mobile experience.

Greet patients, clients or customers as they arrive onsite. Create push notifications anywhere with unlimited virtual beacons. Deliver contextually relevant messages anywhere for a personalized mobile experience.

Total Programmability via SDK

Juniper Mist offers a mobile SDK with open APIs for full automation and seamless integration with complementary products.

Juniper offers a mobile SDK that enables you to integrate your mobile application wayfinding and notifications with Juniper’s virtual Bluetooth LE infrastructure.

Digital Transformation with Network Insights

Our User Engagement service includes base capabilities for analyzing up to 30 days of data, simplifying the process of extracting network insights from data and analytics across your enterprise.

You can review weekly schedules of repeat visitors (customer or employee) and then properly align your support resources or introduce enhanced premium services.

User Engagement

The Juniper Mist User Engagement cloud subscription service uses Virtual BLE (vBLE) array technology and cloud-based machine learning to drive down deployment costs and improve the accuracy of real-time indoor location services, from wayfinding to location-based proximity notifications. With our patented vBLE , indoor location services are finally easy to deploy and scale, giving you unprecedented accuracy and agility.


Download the Juniper Mist User Engagement Data Sheet (PDF).


Juniper Products
Juniper Mist User Engagement
Juniper Mist User Engagement
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