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Juniper Networks SRX4700 Services Gateway
High-Performance, Reduced Latency Firewalls for Data Centers and The Cloud-Enabled Enterprise

Juniper Networks SRX4700 Services Gateway

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SRX4700 Overview:

The SRX4700 next-generation firewall is designed for service providers, cloud providers, and large enterprises. The power-efficient, 1 U device delivers the industry’s highest firewall throughput per rack unit, up to 1.4 Tbps. It supports 400 Gbps interfaces with wire speed MACsec to safeguard data in motion.

As data centers evolve from traditional architecture to distributed, the firewall’s role needs to expand. Rather than being a perimeter technology, firewalls need to be part of a security fabric woven throughout the network. A security fabric will ensure that security is maintained at every point of connection.

Juniper Networks SRX4700 next-generation firewall is integral to this new architecture, and it empowers organizations to operationalize security across their networks. This 1U, power-efficient firewall features built-in zero-trust, Ethernet VPN-Virtual Extensible LAN (EVPN-VXLAN) fabric integration and AI-Predictive Threat Prevention to secure your network. The SRX4700 firewall delivers the industry’s highest throughput, per rack unit, at up to 1.4 Tbps, and supports 400 Gbps interfaces with wire speed MACsec.

Product Description

Juniper Networks® SRX4700 is a high-performance, next-generation firewall (NGFW) designed for service providers, cloud providers, and large enterprises. In addition, enterprises can deploy the SRX4700 as data center core and data center edge firewalls and as a secure SD-WAN hub. Combining industry-leading security effectiveness and carrier-grade routing with state-of-the-art switching, this platform delivers robust network security, effective threat protection, and comprehensive automation and mitigation capabilities.

SRX4700 delivers NGFW features that support the changing needs of cloud-enabled enterprise networks and data centers. Whether rolling out new services on an enterprise campus, connecting to the cloud seamlessly, complying with industry standards, or achieving operational efficiency, the SRX4700 empowers organizations to operationalize zero-trust principles at scale while realizing business objectives. The SRX4700 protects critical corporate assets with features such as intrusion prevention system (IPS), follow-the-user and follow-the-application access policies, and Juniper’s AI-Predictive Threat Prevention. Furthermore, SRX4700 works with Juniper’s cloud security solutions to secure hybrid-cloud environments with networkwide visibility and control, providing consistently secure on-premises and cloud environments.

For cloud providers, service providers, and enterprises, the hardware acceleration in SRX4700 protects data center core and edge workloads at Layer 7 at wirespeed with industry-leading security efficacy. The SRX4700 adheres to industry-standard EVPN type 5 and VXLAN protocols within these data centers, enabling the SRX4700 to act as a secure, fabric-aware leaf in the spine-leaf architecture and uniquely streamlining security workflows within the data center. And the SRX4700 does all this while delivering the highest firewall performance per rack unit of any data center firewall available today.

Service providers offering 4G and 5G services can take advantage of the proven software in SRX4700 that secures dozens of Tier 1 service providers around the world. Use cases supported with high-performance hardware acceleration include security gateway, Gi / N6 firewall, CGNAT, and roaming firewall. Service providers with power and space constraints can deploy the SRX4700 in both distributed and centralized locations and secure their networks at terabit speeds while consuming only a single rack unit within their data centers.

The SRX4700 participates in Juniper’s Connected Security Distributed Services Architecture, enabling organizations to scale both horizontally and elastically, and it simplifies operational management of large-scale firewall networks. With this architecture, several SRX4700 platforms can work together as a single large logical firewall to provide security at higher performance and scale.

The SRX4700 is powered by Junos® operating system, the OS that underpins and helps secure the world’s largest mission-critical enterprise and service provider networks. It is managed by Juniper Security Director Cloud, Juniper’s unified management experience that connects the organization’s current deployments with future architectural rollouts. Security Director Cloud uses a single policy framework enabling consistent security policies across any environment and expanding zero trust to all parts of the network from the edge into the data center. This provides unbroken visibility, policy configuration, administration, and collective threat intelligence all in one place.


The SRX4700 integrates networking and security into a single platform. It features zero-trust capabilities, EVPN-VXLAN fabric integration, and AI Predictive Threat Prevention for ultra-high security efficacy. Centrally managed by Juniper Security Director Cloud, it delivers high-performance IPsec VPN, Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT), and unified policy management for securing your network reliably.

The SRX4700 Firewall is integral to Juniper’s Connected Security Distributed Services Architecture and empowers organizations to operationalize zero trust across their networks.

To increase trust and streamline operations, the SRX4700 features several built-in zero trust device capabilities, including an embedded Trusted Platform Module (TMP) 2.0 and cryptographically signed device ID. The SRX4700 supports RFC compliant Secure Zero Touch Provisioning (sZTP) to deploy products in your network efficiently, expediently, and remotely. Additionally, the SRX4700 supports MACsec at wire speed, ensuring data integrity, and confidentiality.

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